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One of my biggest hobbies is music, so here are some recordings. I'll add more as I get around to it, but here's something old for the time being:

Fatally Stabbed by Kidnappers
Basement Recordings
Recorded back in spring 2000, this is from the short lived band "Fatally Stabbed by Kidnappers". We only did this one recording, and it was done in our drummer's basement with group micing. Musicians on this track were myself - Guitar & Keys, Jeremiah Payer - Guitar, John Doore - Bass, Austin Sousa - Drums, and Tamara Wilson - Cello. If memory serves me, we traded instruments around a bit at that jam session, but that should be who was playing what most of the time. Other than the last track we didn't really have song titles, so the rest I just named whatever.
1 Intro
2 Badly Recorded Acid
3 Piano Jam
4 I Have No Clue
5 Pop Goes the Weasel
6 Why Must I (Keys Jam)
7 Interlude (Why did Austin cut this?)
8 Guitar Noise
9 Duet
10 Why Must I (Guitar Jam)
11 Stairway to Funky Town